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What to do in a shark attack

  • If all else fails, try to look prepared to fight back.

  • "Playing dead" doesn't help. If a shark catches you, move rigorously and try to free yourself. If you succeed once, swim back to land quickly- unlike lightning, sharks attack twice.

  • Try to dig your fingers into the gills and hold its breathing. This will make shark look into its own life and thus leave you.

  • If a shark is encircling you, do not panic. It might be just curious. Stay still and vertical if you are wearing diver's suit, to avoid resemblance to shark food-the seal.

  • Give a helping hand to the one who is being attacked. Sharks don't expect a helping hand, they like to focus.

  • Hit the shark on nose, eye, with any available object like camera, tool, or fist.
  • If a great white has attacked you, look straight into its eye and attack back. Great whites are particularly shy and there is a good chance that they will back off at this move of yours. These animals like to attack from the side or below so you could find cover protected by rocks.

  • If you see the shark going around in ever decreasing circles, and even brushing you, expect an attack. If it then heads for you, twitching and jerking - unlike the usual smooth glide - make yourself into a small ball. When the big fish is closer, suddenly snap into a maximum size starfish shape. This apparently confuses the fish's primitive visual apparatus.

  • If you have a dive buddy - which you should have- holding him/her gives the beast the impression that you are bigger than it.

  • Remain calm and remember a panicked resurface could give you the bends and kill you.


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What to do in a shark attack
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