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Food And Feeding

Shark's feeding habits differ from specie to species. While the tiger shark is famous as "oceans garbage collector' for it eats anything that comes in its way, be it human, fish, tier, rod, wood, plant, anything, other sharks prefer to have a selective meals of fish, squid, lobsters and sea-urchins or other locally available abundant food.

The diet of populations of smoothhounds of the genus Mustelus of Tomales Bay on the US Atlantic coast, for example, is determined by which part of the bay an individual lives in. Those near Hogg Island seek out slender crabs and small fish, while others at Indian Beach feast on yellow shore crabs and polychaete worms.

Some sharks even have a preference for special kind of food. The Australia's sicklefin weasel shark is an octopus specialist, while the great hammerhead has a penchant for stingrays--and an unusual way of catching them. It pins them down using the front of its head, and then turns rapidly to take a chunk out of the ray's 'wing.' The immobilized ray is unable to escape, so the shark can take leisurely bites out of its quivering body until it has swallowed the lot. One individual was seen to have 96 stingray barbs stuck in its head--surely a world record!


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